Thats me.

My Name is Andreas Esau, I am 31 years old and live in Germany. I have studied Mediainformatik & Design and do work as a Graphics Artist now. My passion is all about creating things(mostly digital). I would call my self a generalist. I love to develop tools, games, create 2D/3D Images/Animations and all sorts of other things.

As child I did love to draw. I was drawing in school, at home and other places. Later when I grew up, I discovered the digital world of painting. I bought myself a wacom graphire as my first graphics tablet and started with some clumsy digital art and web design. It was a very exciting time because this was a complete new world for me, photoshop/openCanvas were the tools for my digital canvas.

This path finally led me to Blender, which is an open source 3D program. I started to model 3D Character, texture and animate them. It was an incredible feeling to give something life, to be the creator of something. But what is even better than animating things, is give things interactivity. So you have a character that does not only move in a short clip with a predefined animation, instead you have a character that really interacts. That has almost life in it. This is the point where I started with game developement. I love the process in creating things and try out new ideas, prototype and start something new.

Below I list some of the skills I gained on my way up until now. I believe this list will constantly grow over time. Thanks for your time feel free to take a look at my portfolio.

My Tool and Skillset

  • Blender 3D
  • Photoshop
  • Photoshop Scripting(Javascript)
  • Python Scripting
  • After Effects
  • Godot (Game Engine)
  • Gdscript
  • Krita
  • Inkscape
  • HTML & CSS
  • CMS Joomla